YETIXWIPE® spring installation

There are two ways you can install YETIXWIPE® springs. Both methods are described in the FRONT wiper arm video.

Install YETIXWIPE® on FRONT wiper arms

Install YETIXWIPE® on REAR LEFT wiper arm



YETIXWIPE® springs can be installed on right-hand drive vehicles if there is SUFFICIENT SPACE between the wiper arm and the body or hood.   The space required for the UNIVERSAL spring coil is 1.0 cm (0.39 in).   For the BL and R model springs, the space required is 1.5cm (0.59 in).  The spring will need to be installed upside down where the coil will end up lodged underneath the wiper arm.  When following the installation video, the spring will need to be inserted from the bottom instead of the top.  To make installation easier, we recommend parking the wiper blade midway up the windshield.