How YETIXWIPE® performs


Wiper lift or wiper flutter occurs because of wind lift.  Wind lift is an upward suction of the wiper blade and wiper arm created by the flow of air curving over it while turbulence behind the blade pushes the blade upward much like an airplane wing.  It is more noticeable at highway speeds or when driving against the wind, to which we add the speed of the wiper blade movement. The original wiper arm mechanism is not strong enough to prevent wiper lift.  The additional 400g (14oz) of pressure from YETIXWIPE® springs counteracts this wiper lift effect.  YETIXWIPE® is the only wiper accessory that cures wiper flutter and solves wiper-cleaning problem at the source.

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Cleans off INSECTS, SLUSH, MUD and oily ROAD FILM

Bugs - If bugs on your windshield are a perpetual source of frustration, you will love YETIXWIPE® springs.  The added pressure will make your wiper blades work like a squeegee to erase the unfortunate bug.

Slush and Mud - The added pressure from YETIXWIPE® cleans the slush and mud from your windshield in a single stroke.  The heavier dirt and fine dust are swept to the edge of your windshield and flicked-off by the more energetic flip of the wiper blade instead of being swept back and forth at eye level.

Oily road film - On very hot days, you may have noticed that the road seems to glisten.  The oil in road asphalt rises to the surface due to the heat.  The vehicle ahead of you projects this oil onto your windshield.  Then, when it rains, your wiper blades smear that film back and forth.  YETIXWIPE® springs are awesome at wiping off that film in no time.

The wiper arm part problem

YETIXWIPE® is the only patented product on the market that adds pressure to prevent wiper dysfunction.  It was developed as a wiper arm part to correct the weak pressure force of OE windshield wiper arms and achieve maximum wiping performance without the need to replace the costly wiper arm itself.
Our research on a thousand cars, vans and trucks shows that, on 99% of vehicles tested, the pressure force applied by the wiper arm is insufficient given the longer wiper arms and wiper blades that sweep across wider windshields.

There are limits in the wiper arm design namely:

  • The original spring in the wiper arm is a tension spring that works along the arm to attempt to put a pressure on the wiper blade. Evidently it does not have enough leverage to exert the needed pressure when traveling on the highway or in bad weather conditions. Consumers often change the wiper arm needlessly.
  • The spring inside the wiper arm is stressed to its limit.  It cannot generate enough force.
  • The compact size of the wiper arm does not offer sufficient space to house a bigger or stronger spring.  A new OE wiper arm part will not solve the problem either.

Save on windshield washer fluid with FEWER SQUIRTS


Fewer washer fluid fill-ups means you get more mileage out of your windshield washer gallon because with YETIXWIPE® 2 squirts and a few wipes are all you need to get a squeegee clean windshield.  Cut on the cost, the filling, the time and the trouble.

Running out of windshield washer fluid can be hazardous both in heavy traffic and on the highway.  With YETIXWIPE® you lessen the risk of running out of fluid because you will squirt a lot less.

YETIXWIPE® also helps inhibit rust and corrosion of vehicle body.  Because it contains alcohol, windshield washer fluid is corrosive.  This explains the rust at the roofline and at the bottom of fenders behind the front wheels.  Using less windshield washer fluid will minimize the corrosive effects.  With YETIXWIPE® you will use much less fluid and reduce corrosion.

PROLONGS wiper blade life

Wiper blades are V-shaped and glide on the tip, which becomes frayed with time.  With YETIXWIPE® the tip of the blade will flex slightly putting more blade rubber surface in contact with the glass and the same even pressure all along the blade for a snug fit against the windshield.

There is no added wear and tear on the wiper blade because:

  • The windshield is a non-abrasive smooth surface.
  • The wiper blade rubber is an abrasion-resistant material. It will not wear faster.
  • Liquids (washer fluid, rain, snow) act as a lubricant.
  • All abrasive dirt is wiped off with a better flexing of the blade.  With the added pressure from YETIXWIPE® the blade will perform better and longer.
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Prevents WASHER FLUID ICE-UP in winter

Windshield-washer fluid residue freezes onto the windshield as the alcohol it contains evaporates quickly in cold and windy weather.  If the fluid is not totally removed with one pass of the wiper blade freeze up will occur.  With YETIXWIPE® the liquid is thoroughly removed and no liquid is left to freeze.

EASY to install and ADJUSTABLE

Unfold the packaging card for step by step, easy to read instructions and pictograms.

YETIXWIPE® springs can be installed in less than a minute (record installation time is 5 seconds per spring).  They just hook onto the wiper arm at or near the hinge.  No tool is required.  View the INSTALLATION video.
YETIXWIPE® springs are pressure adjustable. Go to the INSTALLATION page to adjust spring pressure if needed.

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Rust is an important strength-reducing factor on regular spring steel.  Made of STAINLESS STEEL YETIXWIPE® springs will never rust.  Because they will not rust or weaken, they will keep their strength for about 50 years or more.

Another important strength-reducing factor of a spring is the number of cycles it will withstand.  Failure generally occurs after one million cycles.  YETIXWIPE® springs are not subject to such cycles as would suspension springs for example. Because there is no oscillation the springs will keep the same pressure on the wiper arm without weakening or breaking and will remain as strong as the day you bought them.

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SAFE for the wiper motor

Tests show that in WET conditions the wiper motor effort is the same WITH or WITHOUT YETIXWIPE® springs.  The rain, snow and washer fluid create a lubricant on the windshield for the wiper blade to glide on with no additional effort or drag.

For a fraction of the cost of a wiper blade

YETIXWIPE® springs cost less than ONE good quality wiper blade but you get a set of 2 springs, and you will not have to change them every 6 months.  Now, that is a great deal. 


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Other windshield treatments

Other products like windshield treatments are not permanent yet they are more expensive. They must be reapplied on a regular basis. We do not recommend these liquid treatments because they create a blur or haze on the windshield, especially at night. Furthermore, windshield treatments are not effective against solid road dirt or slush in winter or bugs that stick to your windshield in summer. YETIXWIPE® is the permanent and carefree solution that solves the problem at its source.

Aerodynamic blades

A well designed aerodynamic wiper blade minimally compensates the effects of wind lift.  It will not correct the total lack of pressure on the windshield wiper.  YETIXWIPE® safely adds approximately 400g (14oz) of pressure and makes the entire wiper hug the windshield as if you were using a squeegee.