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YETIXWIPE® is a Canadian product made with US steel

Established in 1993, Koch Innovations Inc. (KII) developed and patented the original YETIXWIPE® automotive wiper arm spring to counteract wiper blade lift at highway speeds caused by a lack of pressure from the wiper arm.


YETIXWIPE® springs are a unique high-performance engineered quality product made of stainless steel with black matte finish to match wiper arms. YETIXWIPE® springs permanently solve wiper pressure problems where the weakness lies. They provide a clear visibility for safe driving in all weather conditions, and they are the best-known way to get rid of bugs and road film.  An all-seasons product that fits on all vehicles including trucks, RVs and even locomotives.  This unique patented product is suitable to the more than 300 million vehicles in North America. It has been tested and proven to be safe for the wiper motor.


YETIXWIPE® originally consisted of four (4) color-coded spring sizes. In the Winter of 2013 a new universal spring was introduced to eliminate the need for an Application Table and still make it easier to install. The universal spring fits on 99% of vehicle wiper arms and Koch Innovations Inc. has the production capacity to meet worldwide demand.

Koch Innovations is proud to make known that the 
YETIXWIPE® spring is MADE IN NORTH AMERICA with US steel and Canadian manufacturing and packaging


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Merit Award Winner from the Quebec Order of Engineers.