Windshield Wipers Not Making Contact? We Have The Solution For You!

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Wiper blade not making contact




If the wiper is not broken in any way, changing it will not solve the bad contact of the wipers. The force applied by the arm on the wiper shows us that this problem is present on all vehicles given that wiper systems are all made in the same fashion.

The pressure exerted on the wiper by the wiper arm depends on the spring located in the arm. This spring size is limited by the size of the wiper arm. The spring must be pre-stretched almost to the permanent deformation limit of the steel that is used to make it in order to obtain a certain pressure on the wiper.

The arm rests low on the vehicle and the spring is positioned almost in the same axis as the arm itself. This does not permit a sufficient lever to exert the necessary force onto the wiper located at the other end of the arm.

We also know that the arm plus the wiper itself are subject to air lift caused by the airflow on the vehicle mainly when driving at highway speed and/or when facing the wind. This air lift also reduces the pressure of the wiper on the windshield.

All these factors added together create bad wiping of the windshield and affect the vision, which is of prime importance when driving.

Why spend $40 for new wipers when adding Sure Wipe add-on wiper arm springs can correct this problem for many years? Save that money every year and get the permanent solution!