Windshield Wipers Noisy Rubbing – Guaranteed Fix in 2 Steps

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In just 2 easy steps, this article will help you fix the noisy rubbing of your wiper blades.-

Step 1- Clean the Blade

– Remove the blade and clean it with tooth paste and water using a toothbrush. We recommend toothpaste because it contains all the needed cleaning agents (for example: baking soda). Brushing will clean down to the pores of the rubber blade and dislodge the fine dust residues encrusted in the blade. This dust is increasing friction and causing the blade to stretch, (the rubber being slightly elastic) and making it move irregularly (vibrations) which causes the noise.

– Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Step 2 – Apply Graphite Powder

– Once the blade is well dried, deposit a small lump of graphite powder on a clean surface and apply along the blade with your finger.

– Then spread the graphite powder along the blade with a dry toothbrush to work the graphite into the pores of the blade. This will fill the pores with a new slippery material and give your wipers a great glide on the windshield for a noiseless operation.

For more wiper blade preventative maintenance, consider the Sure Wipe Wiper Blade Spring.

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