Thank you to all Safe Drivers who express their appreciation for YETIXWIPE®.

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The new Sure Wipe worked great! I didn't think I'd hear from you after I ordered the wrong part. Your quick response and action was amazing. Thanks a lot and I will tell others of your product.

E. Brody
Cumming, IA

My driver side windshield wiper spring was completely shot and it was not cleaning the entire bottom half of my windshield. After buying and using your product the problem is completely fixed. The wiper is now always in contact with the windshield. I had to unwind the spring a bit to create some more tension, but it works great. Thank You.

D. Mende

After years of dealing with an inefficient rear wiper on my 2005 Ford Escape, I was happy to discover Sure Wipe. It was easy to install, and now my rear wiper cleans the window perfectly. I am extremely pleased with your product and recommend it highly. Thank you!

L. Zindle
Wayne, NJ

I finally installed Sure Wipe springs on my car and I must admit there is a considerable improvement. There is an efficient adhesion to the windshield. I recommend this product.

C. Leonard
Montreal, Qc. CA

... For several years now, I have tried everything I could think of but nothing seemed to work any longer than a day or so. I remembered that when I would use a squeegee on the windows, I pressed down fairly hard when I pulled the squeegee across the glass. It occurred to me that maybe the wiper arm springs were not applying enough force on the blades. Springs do weaken over time. I attached the Sure Wipe springs with a little help from a set of pliers and they work just as you advertised. My wife and I are very pleased with the results. Thank you.

F. Stearns

...I have long been a fan of your product because it works as advertised and has always done the job.

J. Jenkinson

I bought some new wiper blades yesterday. After installing them I had just as many streaks as with my old blades? I discovered your product by searching the Internet. I went to my NAPA store. And WOW! Your product is really brilliant! I will recommend it to everybody! Thank you.

M. Aubertin
Montréal, Qc, CA

... I went to my NAPA Laval store and bought some BL springs yesterday. I put them on and they work great. Thank you.

I. Ianescu
Laval, Qc. CA

...I was determined to make this thing work. I purchased the G package again and with a little perseverance and patience it worked and it is very solid. I feel more secure in driving in bad weather with this in place. Thanks so much.

E. Moroney

Finally buying another set of springs after 8-10 years, first my 2001 then my 2007 Focus Wagon. The other set I bought for the wife's 2004 Focus continues unchanged today with no loss in tension. Thanks for a great product.

L. Miller

Very good product! My blades used to skid across the windshield. Now, no more! Thanks Sure Wipe.

John Chan
Ontario, CA

...I was a little skeptical, but agreed to let my friend try one on my driver side arm, and I am sold! I was ready to buy new wipers, but after one swipe, the windshield was perfectly clean and no annoying screech even when the window was dry. I rate them 10/10 because they really work.

C. Utecht

Perfect, I have been looking for these for a long time. Thank you

A. Calkins

It is raining today and my wipers are not doing much besides smearing the water and skipping. I got home, logged on and ordered new Sure Wipes for both vehicles because I remembered how well they worked on my other cars. My only complaint is that I can’t stop somewhere and get them TODAY.

E. Hainsworth

I have a 2003 Ford Expedition which has always had a wiper issue. I travel in Wyoming where the wind does blow and blows hard. I installed a pair of your Sure Wipes. Coming home today, I ran into heavy rain and strong side winds. The wipers worked perfectly, not one problem with the wipers lifting off the glass. Thanks for a GREAT product.

F. McKee
Parker, CO, USA

... I like your product, it’s the only one that really works. Thanks.

H.L. Kneve

Our springs arrived yesterday, and today I tried to talk my wife into putting them on her car, and she said "You first, because I think these things are going to rip the arm right off the car." So I put one on the driver’s side of my car, and we both got in, each watching one side, and fired it up, and became instant believers. Great product. Thank you.

D. Joly

Thanks for the information. I went out to Canadian Tire and picked up 3 sets, one for my new car when it arrives, one for my wife’s truck and the W size for the Crown Vic. Again thanks for your help.

B. Foley
Ontario, CA

I think your product is terrific and I highly recommend it.

L. Inglehart
Grimsby, ON, CA

I recently bought some quality wiper blades and noticed that my passenger side was not working too well. The wipers are good, but some say that they do not wipe due to their curved design. I found out after installing a set of Sure Wipe springs that it is not the wipers, it’s the wiper arm. It just was not providing enough pressure on the wiper blades on some curved windshields. After installing the springs, my wipers worked flawlessly! You have me sold. I’ll be referring your products to each and every customer I receive with wiper problems.

M. Nietes
Ontario, CA

Your product is very good. I used the Sure Wipe springs on my old vehicle and they are very efficient. I am going to my local retailer to buy another pair for my new vehicle.

D. Zawacki
Montréal, Qc, CA

I just purchased and installed my Sure Wipes. They work great! I can't wait for it to start raining. Before, my wipers would smudge and smear all the time but now, one full sweep of the wipers and the windshield is clear. This product certainly makes for safer driving. Thank You.

K. Kubotani