Save On Wiper Blade Replacement; A Convenient Alternative To Save You Money.

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Save on Wipers


Save on wiper blades replacements.

With the pressure added by the Sure Wipe hold down wiper arm spring, your wipers will perform  at their best, so why spend  on wiper blades unless they are broken, bent or severely affected by the sun’s rays.

For a fraction of the price, Sure Wipe springs (made of stainless steel) are the permanent solution to bad wiper cleaning problems. Plus they are so easy to install it only takes a minute!

Save the environment

There are 230 million vehicles in the US and 800 million vehicles worldwide. Changing wiper blades every year, as recommended by wiper manufacturers. This will generate 1.6 billion wipers in landfill worldwide every year. It represents mountains of wiper blades.  This waste can be considerably reduced by the use of Sure Wipe springs that correct bad wiper cleaning problems mainly due to the lack of pressure applied by the arm on the wiper blades.

Improve your wiper performance by 30 % and see clearly, reduce your frustration of bad wiper performance and get a squeegee clean windshield in all weather conditions at a low cost.