How To Eliminate Windshield Wiper Smearing?

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windshield smearing











Smearing occurs when snow, ice, heavy rain, bugs and dirt are spread across your windshield by the wiper blades that simply flutter over them all. This is a source of frustration particularly when it occurs smack-dab in your field of vision when driving in bad weather conditions.

We have a tendency to blame the wiper blades when in fact the main culprit is the wiper arm that is not putting enough pressure on the blade. In addition, the lift effect created by the wind also contributes to reducing the contact of the blade onto the glass.

Benefit now of a low cost and permanent solution by adding a retrofit, called Sure Wipe springs. These stainless steel springs are sold in pairs and are easy to install on the wiper arm. They increase the pressure on the wiper by 30 % to give you a squeegee clean windshield in all conditions without any added effort on the wiper motor as tested.

Since your wipers will work well, why change them? Save your money and the environment.

Flickr: you underestimated it’s strength, by ashley rose